Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bad Camera ! - Lajpat Nagar

My first 2 weeks in New Delhi passed somewhat apartment bound. Exams are underway in the schools and I cannot start again until almost Sept 26th !!   

 Until my family was identified, the AFS hosting coordinator Rachna  and her family were kind to take me in.  I stayed from Sept 2nd in Vasant Kunj suburb west of  NewDelhi which was a small model colony with local market/shoppes, etc.   The area felt cosy and I became very accustomed to it quickly.

On Sept 12th I moved to my host family in  Lajpat Nagar area south and east of New Delhi. Lajpat Nagar is perhaps the most popular commercial location of South Delhi and known for Asia's biggest salwaar-kameez market and an area for  brides called Garam Gali.

With the festival break and following school exams, perhaps we'll have a chance to explore shoppes with clothing,  bangles, beaded decorative pieces and basic things.  The area is know for an  expansive range of food influences from all over Asia...... from delicious Tibetan Momos, Lebanese Shwawarma Rolls,  Chinese Garlic Prawns and then washed down with some fountain soft-drink or 'Banta', an Indian cold-drink made of fresh lime juice, rock salt, Limca and lots of ice.

So for now, pictures mostly of the area immediate to our apartment.  My camera is acting up and focuses at the wrong time, so I hope to figure it out.  Pictures take so long to upload when the internet modem service at times, I'll have to work on quality, not quantity.  I've visited the local Sikh temple, walked the area streets and parks, eaten street food (spicy corn is the food in the picture above), and helped with the family activities.   My mom is a great cook and is teaching me Indian recipes  where the staple is vegetarian. Recently she taught me how to make Laddhu which is a sweet comprised of powdered sugar, ghee and roasted chenna( garbanzo beans).  These are two photos of the Sikh Temple below.
Just a random pic of my little brother playing in the dirt at a construction site next door.

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