Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hello! :)

Hi everyone!

Nine days ago I moved from Chennai to New Dehli due to circumstances within my YES Abroad program.  We'll just call it fate ;).     I will be living here for the rest of my 10 month stay in India and looking forward to new relationships with a twist on culture from extreme Southern India  to the far North.

My temporary stay has been with the New Delhi AFS chapter hosting coordinator.  Her family has been so gracious and I really enjoy the company and hospitality in their home.     I will be recieving my host family and school arrangements  on Monday  9/12

I will let you all know what happens but until then don't worry I'm safe and happy :)



  1. Hi sweetheart, its your Boyfriend, i am so proud whenever i read these becuase of how much time and effort you putinto each and every work you write, im not one to like reading but everytime i start readign your blogs im compelled to finish, stay safe and warm and ill see you soon;)-rob blaul

  2. Good luck in Delhi! Glad to hear your just a hop across the pond from Muscat now! Tell Harriet hi from me if you see her!